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February 23rd, 2009

(no subject) @ 02:53 pm

I'm sooooooooo excited I'm going to be taking a Make up course in nyc I can't believe it. I'm definately sad to be leaving my bf behind....*sighhhhhhh* but atleast I'll be doing something I love and hopefully posting more on here...its been months!!!!!!!! I should post my progress on here...hmmmmmmm...good idea :-)

September 6th, 2007

(no subject) @ 01:18 pm

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hello everyone...i'm done with classes today so i thought i'd post an entry. does anyone get annoyed when ppl use your makeup?? i feel so bad but it like bothers me when my roommate asks....and she never puts it back she like totally keeps it with her stuff it just p's me off...sometimes i just wanna say no but that would be wrong.ay well anyway i was watching what not to wear one day and the MA used satin taupe e/s to contour the womans face....seeing as how i wanted to try to contour i attempted it with satin taupe b/c i dont really have anything else....so here's my attempt....ta da!!!

my eyebrows are kinda a mess and my eyeshadow is blah but i thought i'd show that too lol.

April 18th, 2007

i'm trying something new... @ 06:38 pm

hey ladies I was just wondering about a few things... are the matte finish eyeshadows any good??? and does anyone have pictures of looks using those and any tutorials? i just started watching this spanish soap opera and i LOVE all the makeup(funny how its the only thing i notice lol) but i have no clue how to achieve this kind of look... it seems so natural like not shimmery or anything, so i was wondering if that's what matte eyeshadows look like. i couldnt find any looks from the actual show online but this one is the closest. also i was wondering if brown eyeliner looks good with my skintone and hair color(i'm NC35 with black hair) or should i stick to blacks?? I didn't want to buy any and then regret it...and I HATE having to asks my MA's for advice...i tend to just go in and get what i want... thank you ladies!!!:-)

February 16th, 2007

(no subject) @ 01:39 am

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i just want to say...to whoever reads this...that i stumbled upon this website and decided to join after spending hours viewing the makeup communities...i am an addict lol